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Services - Financial Valuations

AVC offers Financial Valuations as one of its core services. AVC's expertise in this field is proven, and we pride ourselves in offering all our Clients a professional, reliable and value for money service. AVC has undertaken numerous assignments around the world.

Financial Valuations - Why should you have one?

Acquisitions, Mergers and Disposals
Accounting and Taxation
Joint Venture and Partnership Set Up or Dissolution
Privatisation or Sequestration

Financial Valuations - Why should you use AVC?

We only use methodologies suitable for financial valuations
Our knowledge of Process and Production facilities mean we can offer an alternative and valued opinion

Financial Valuations - Acceptable Bases of Valuation

Value to the Business (Compliant with IAS guidelines)
Market Value In Situ
Market Value Ex Situ
Book Value
Estimated Original Cost

If you wish to discuss any of our financial valuation services, please email us at valuations@avcltd.com


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