AVC - Valuation of Oil and Gas Terminals

AVC Joint Ventures

If our Clients require it, AVC is prepared to set up a joint venture with another Company/Entity. This can be for a one-off project or for ongoing long term projects. AVC are flexible and understand that sometimes a formal partnership benefits our Clients.

The benefits of a Joint Venture are varied but can include:
  • Combining of resources to offer a superior service to our Clients.
  • Potential Economies of Scale offering savings to our Clients.
  • Regional knowledge to the benefit of our Clients.
  • A Formal agreement, giving consistency and reliability, to benefit our Clients.
  • ITC Member of International Trade Council For more information, go to www.thetradecouncil.com

    If you wish to discuss any of our joint ventures, or would like to form a joint venture with AVC, please email us at jointventures@avcltd.com

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