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Services Offered

AVC specialises in Valuations and Asset Management. In order to meet the specific requirements of our Clients, we offer a professional, reliable and value-for-money service. When considering a professional valuation, there are certain criteria which should be checked.

Professional Valuations - The criteria for selecting your Valuation Partner

Independent Valuation Company
Wide Breadth of Experience
Suitably Qualified Staff
Utilises an Acceptable Methodology
Consistent Approach
Reports Accepted by Markets
Values in Reports presented Geographically, to assist with EML
Track Record of Delivering Reports on Time

Professional Valuations - You should have one if?

You have never had a professional Valuation carried out before
It has been more than 4-5 years since a professional Valuation was carried out
The basis of your sums insured is book value
The basis of your sums insured are out of date asset registers
Your asset register is very high level, making it difficult to accurately write off assets
Your asset register has a lot of written off equipment that is still functioning
There have been significant changes, such as expansions, acquisitions, disposals or major refurbishments to your business in recent years
You have Shareholders and Investors to protect
The majority of your equipment is sourced from countries with fluctuating currencies

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then it is worth considering having a professional valuation carried out.

Professional Valuations - How often should you have one?

In our opinion our Clients should have a professional Valuation every 4-5 years. In addition they should consider annual desktop updates, which are a low-cost method of keeping your values up to date.


If you wish to discuss any of our valuation services, please email us at valuations@avcltd.com

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