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Asian Valuation Consultants Company Limited

Asian Valuation Consultants is a member of the AVC International Network, and is part owned by AVC Ltd. It currently has an office in Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information, please visit www.asianvaluationconsultants.com.

This Company undertakes plant and machinery valuations and covers a wide area including East, South East and South Asia as well as Australasia. Asian Valuations can draw on a wealth of experience and expertise, and will be working in unison with AVC Ltd. This enables them to tackle all Valuation assignments with total confidence.

These are samples of the industries that Asian Valuations will cover.

Electrical Power Generation (Gas, Steam, Coal & Hydro), Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution,
Water and Utility Plants, Desalination Facilities, Aluminium-Smelting to Finishing, Iron and Steel Works,
Mining (Dredging, Underground, Open Cast), Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceuticals,
Shipbuilding and Repairs (Dry Docking), Port Facilities (Loading and Unloading of Liquids and Solids),
Marinas, Paper and Pulp Industries, Cement Works, Glass Manufacturing, Pottery & Crystal Works,
Publishing and Newspapers, Textile Industries, Agriculture, Heavy Manufacturing, Light Manufacturing,
Office Contents, Car Assembly, Household Goods Assembly, Computer Assembly, Electronics Assembly,
Aviation Assembly and Simulators, Hotels, Medical Facilities (including Hospitals and Clinics),
Telecommunications, Laboratories and Research Facilities, Theme Park and Recreational Facilities,
Buildings (Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Residential and Offices including Corporate Headquarters).


If you would like more information, please email us at valuations@avcltd.com

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